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Bear Naked® Granola Blueberry Lemon Cheesecake


What does summer taste like? To us it’s lazy Saturday picnics filled with sweet summer treats, freshly picked berries, and crisp refreshing lemonade. Our blueberry Lemon Cheesecake Granola gives you all those feels with blueberries, pie crusts, creamy white chocolate & lemon oil without having to brave the heat (or bake the treat).


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  • Ingredients:
    Whole grain oats, invert cane syrup, crisp rice (rice flour, sugar, salt), expeller pressed sunflower oil, cashew butter, dried blueberries, cane sugar, white chocolate*†(cane sugar*, milk*, cocoa butter*, soy lecithin*), wheat flour, whole oat flour, brown rice syrup, carrot juice for color, palm oil, brown sugar (sugar, molasses), vegetable glycerin, sea salt, natural flavor, lemon oil, blueberry juice for color, rosemary extract* for freshness.*Organic