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The Kellogg’s Origins™ Program helps farmers worldwide

Kellogg’s Origins projects help farmers implement sustainable agriculture practices so we can responsibly source the ingredients that go into some of our delicious foods.

To date, we have worked with more than 400,000 farmers, focusing on the use of environmental farming practices to improve livelihoods and positively impact families and communities. This includes more than 20,000 smallholders and 10,000 women farmers. Our goal is to support 500,000 farmers by 2025 and responsibly source our ten priority ingredients by 2020.

Kellogg’s supports more than 40 active Kellogg’s Origins™ projects around the world. Click on a region to learn more about some of those initiatives.

As part of our Kellogg’s Origins™ Program, we work with 1,600 farmers in more than 20 countries to measure continuous environmental improvement on farms that grow the quality ingredients that go into our foods.