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Frank W., Minneapolis, MN

According to your real answers comment, Kellogg's is publicly in favor of a Federal standard for companies who want to voluntarily label their foods for the absence or presence of GMO ingredients. That is all well and good. However, my question is, WILL Kellogg's VOLUNTARILY label their cereals as containing or not containing GMO ingredients if that Federal standard is attained?


Updated on 4/1/16: Since this question was posted, Kellogg’s has made the decision to start labelling our products that contain GMOs, nationwide, beginning in mid-to-late April 2016.

We made this decision based on specific GMO labeling laws in Vermont that will go into effect in July. It is our belief that a national solution to GMO labeling is still in the best interest of consumers across the country and we will continue to work towards that goal.

Read more about Kellogg’s decision to start labeling GMOs here.

Original Response on 2/23/15: We believe that people have a right to know what’s in their food, and our Kashi® brand is the largest provider (based on dollar sales) of Non-GMO Project Verified cereal in the US.

We do support a voluntary and national labeling standard and think this is the best approach to provide people with consistent information across all states. State-by-state proposals would create a confusing, inconsistent and costly patchwork of laws that would likely add costs for shoppers. While it’s premature to give you a definite answer, as there are many factors that we look at when making decisions like this, we can assure you that we are actively taking opinions like yours into consideration as the conversation evolves.