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DORELL P., Brandon, FL

I have been, and I am still a consumer that appreciates your products.

I am also a consumer concerned about unsustainable palm oil usage.

I read all my product labels, and some of my favorite Kellogg products are using palm oil that I cannot verify as sustainable and not destroy the rainforest which will lead to extinction of many species.

First off, please, as a leader in the industry, step out and take the lead in eliminating unsustainable palm oil from your products. You are HUGE, and if not you, no one else will.

Once you have made the switch, please let us (the consumer) know by placing the notice on your products. We want to return to all your products and encourage our friends and families to also.

We want to be able to applaud Kelloggs as a truly caring company for our generation and generations to come.

Please, take the lead in eliminating unsustainable palm oil from your products.


As a socially responsible company, Kellogg has been committed to responsibly sourcing palm oil since 2009. All of the palm oil we use is sourced through a combination of the Roundtable of Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Certified Segregated supply chain, RSPO Mass Balance mixed-source supply chain and the purchase of Green Palm certificates.

Kellogg is committed to working with its global palm oil suppliers to source fully traceable palm oil to known and certified sources that are environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable, in adherence to the principles within our Global Supplier Code of Conduct. In addition, we invite you to read through our Sustainable Palm Oil Commitment to learn more.