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4 Partners To Know - OFB_KNYC_Header

Kellogg’s first-ever café, Kellogg’s NYC recently opened in Times Square and is serving up exciting, new cereal recipes created award-winning chef, Christina Tosi. It’s not just the location and chef that embodies the big apple, but the partners collaborating on the menu as well. See how we’re bringing small, sustainable vendors together for something even bigger— a new way to experience cereal.


Five Acres Farms- OFB_KNYC_FiveAcre

Five Acre Farms Milk

Five Acre Farms was founded on the idea of making the best local food more broadly available and keeping farmers farming. The milk available on Kellogg’s NYC menu is sourced and produced within 275 miles from the restaurant and the farmers adhere to sustainable practices focused on protecting groundwater, replenishing soils, and conserving energy. Through five Acre Farms’ work with the farmers, they support more than 5,000 acres of farmland and ensure that the animals are cared for and the farmers are paid fairly.

Natalie’s Juice

Natalie’s Juice’s purpose is focused on being environmentally thoughtful, delivering a nutritious product and remaining committed to Florida growers. Currently, the company has the smallest carbon footprint in the industry, but they’re also thoughtful around the juice they make. Natalie’s delivers high quality citrus juice made from only handpicked fruit. The fruit is washed multiples times before being squeezed fresh to order every single day. Additionally, they never add any preservatives, hidden ingredients or flavor packs.

Roasters- OFB_KNYC_Roasters

Coffee Roasters

Currently on the menu at the café are two local coffee partners, the Brooklyn Roasting Company and Oren’s Daily Roast. Both guarantee a fresh flavor with Brooklyn roasting their coffee to order and the Oren’s Daily Roast shipping their coffee within 24 hours of roasting. Oren’s also works personally with farmers around the world to produce better beans. Kellogg’s NYC will rotate the coffee featured on the menu up to four times throughout the year, giving more local partners an opportunity to serve their finest roasts.