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How has your company altered its products in order to be more sustainable in other areas of the world such as the Middle East and Asia?
Erik F.
Blue Ridge, PA


As a global company that makes and sells food all over the world we often alter recipes to appeal to local tastes. We also work on sustainable efforts in many parts of the world. For example as part of Kellogg’s 2020 Sustainability Commitments, our teams have been working very closely with farmers, millers and suppliers in every region of the world to ensure that the ingredients going into our existing and new foods in Asia and the Middle East are grown following sustainable agricultural practices.

While our agricultural footprint in the Middle East is minimal, we do have great examples on how our Asia sourcing have evolved in past few years to ensure that new and existing products take on more sustainable ingredients. This also includes a commitment to responsibly source palm oil. Kellogg's Palm Oil Commitment

Our Farmer Programs on the ground in Asia support farmers in the communities where we source from to enable them to adopt best practices in sustainable agriculture through training and technology. For example, in Thailand where we sourcing rice for many of our foods in South East Asia, we are working with smallholder and women rice farmers and partnering with millers and organizations like IRRI and UNEP to help farmers implement best practices in sustainable agriculture which help increase ingredient quality and yields while reducing postharvest losses and use of natural resources.