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Do you support sustainable agriculture?


Absolutely. We recently established new sustainability commitments  to responsibly source our 10 priority global ingredients – including corn, wheat, rice, oats, potatoes, sugar (beet and cane), cocoa, palm oil, fruits (berries, raisins/sultanas) and honey – by the year 2020.

There are many ways to define sustainable agriculture. For us, it means helping farmers have successful or increased yields to support their livelihoods, while optimizing practices such as use of needed fertilizers and water. 

We’re also working hard to protect and conserve natural resources in our facilities. Our 2020 sustainability goals will help us reduce energy, greenhouse gas emissions and water usage by an additional 15 percent. We’ll also expand our use of low-carbon energy in our processing plants by 50 percent by 2020, and support watershed quality and water reuse projects in 25 percent of our plants. Click here for more information.

We’re also excited about our new commitments to assist women and smallholder farmers, who both play a very important role in the way our food is grown. We’re partnering with suppliers, NGOs, agricultural experts, and academic institutions to bring more opportunities for the farmers in our supply chain to access training on sustainable agriculture practices and tools.