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Megan K., Philadelphia, PA

Are there GMOs in your cereal? Where is the sugar procured?


Because the U.S. supply of some crops come from GM seeds, a few of the ingredients used in our cereals (corn, soy and sugar obtained from sugar beets) are genetically modified.

However, we know some people are looking for non-GM options, and, outside of corn, the majority of U.S. grains used in our cereals come from non-GM seeds. Other grains like rice and wheat do not come from GM seeds.

Additionally, in the U.S., we offer Non-GMO Project Verified products through our Kashi® brand.

We also appreciate your interest in where we get our sugar. In the U.S., the sugar we use comes either from sugar cane or sugar beet, or a combination of both. Based on supplier availability, sugar cane comes primarily from the U.S. and Latin America, while sugar beet comes from the U.S.