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Why do you use palm oil in your cereals? Palm oil is a main cause of rainforest deforestation.


Palm oil offers unique nutrition benefits and we are dedicated to source it in a socially responsible and sustainable way.

Most of our cereals do not contain palm oil. In the cereals and snacks that do, it’s a small percentage of our total ingredients.  Where needed, we’ve largely replaced partially hydrogenated vegetable oils with palm oil as part of our global commitment to reduce trans fats, which was the right decision from a consumer health and nutrition perspective. The health debate around the oils used in foods has now largely shifted to the debate around the environmental impacts of palm oil production – which brings its own challenges.  

All of the palm oil we use is 100 percent of the palm oil used in the United States is certified by the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) as Mass Balance sustainably sourced. We also continue to explore other potential ingredient solutions, however today palm oil is unique in its ability to provide volume and texture in baked goods, usually without adding trans fats.

For more information, see our Sustainable Palm Oil Commitment and our Palm Oil Milestone Report.