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Q: Is it true that you use glyphosate to dry out crops just a few days before harvest? I've read that there are many grain products where there are residual amounts, some quite high.


A: It is not routine for U.S. wheat producers to use Roundup, or other formulations of glyphosate, for pre-harvest applications. Most of the states in the wheat belt have drier climates, so getting additional help in maturing out the crop from a desiccant, like Roundup, isn’t necessary as much of the field will dry out and ripen on its own.

So, the majority of herbicide usage happens before, or shortly after planting. That is around eight to nine months prior to harvest and if the herbicide IS used prior to harvest, only a MINUTE amount is actually applied.

It is important to remember that glyphosate is regulated and poses no concern with regard to human health. We encourage people who are concerned about synthetic pesticides to buy products carrying the USDA Organic logo.