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My kids love cereal, but the brands they like have too much sugar and artificial colors. Do you have plans to make cereal that will be healthier but sill appeal to kids?
Robert B.,
Portage, MI


We’ve reduced the amount of sugar in our U.S. kids’ cereals over the past few years by 20-30 percent. We think you’ll find your kids’ favorites are lower in sugar and sodium, and higher in fiber than you may remember.

We understand that you’re also concerned about artificial coloring, which is why we add only minimal amounts of coloring ingredients to some of our foods to contribute to their overall appeal.

In the case of sugar and color, though, we have many choices that may appeal to your family, so we encourage you to give some of our other brands, including Rice Krispies, Frosted Mini-Wheats and Crispix, a try.