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Why is breakfast so important?


At Kellogg, we believe in the power of breakfast and doing all we can to make mornings better. The importance of eating breakfast has long been recognized.  People who regularly eat cereal for breakfast have lower intakes of fat and cholesterol, consume higher intakes of vitamins and minerals, and have lower body mass index (a measure of body weight).

More than just a meal, breakfast is the springboard to the day’s possibilities. By enjoying a balanced breakfast each day, we all get the energy we need to make the most of every morning. We kick-start our metabolism. And we’re all set up for a successful day.

Breakfast is also essential to providing us with many valuable vitamins and minerals. In fact, a study of 467 U.S. schoolchildren found higher intakes of vitamins A and E, iron and B vitamins in those who consumed breakfast than those who skipped the meal. And the breakfast skippers — 16 percent of the children in the study — were less likely to achieve even two-thirds of their recommended daily intake for vitamins and minerals.

Even as adults, the benefits of breakfast can be significant. Not only do breakfast eaters get more nutrients, they eat fewer calories and less fat and cholesterol then those who don’t eat breakfast. Plus, adults who regularly enjoy breakfast tend to have healthier body weights and are more physically active than those who pass up the meal.