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Sherrye H., Port Lavac, TX

I cannot eat products that have any kind of soy. I have a food intolerance to soy and it is very difficult finding packaged foods that do not contain soy. Will your company please, please eliminate soy from your products or at least make some soy-free products. It will be greatly appreciated.


We do our best to offer a wide variety of foods that meet the needs of our diverse fan base. Knowing what our fans would like to see from us next is important to us and I'll pass along your wish for more foods that do not contain soy.

From what you shared in your email, I'd invite you to try one of the foods below that do not contain soy. Please remember that recipes may change over time, so for the most accurate nutrition information you should read the nutrition facts on the package you purchase.

  • All-Bran varieties
  • Cinnamon Jacks
  • Corn Flakes
  • Low Fat Granola varieties
  • Kellogg's Fruit Snack varieties
  • Frosted Mini-Wheats
  • Origins breakfast cereals
  • Raisin Bran
  • Special K varieties
  • Special K Popcorn Chips