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Robert R., Titusville, FL

North Americans deserve the same safer BHT-free cereals that you sell overseas. Would you let your children or grandchildren eat something that could make them sick? I would hope not. Then why would you let us and them eat something that is toxic and banned in most countries because the health risks far outweigh the bottom line of commercialism?


Kellogg is committed to several goals relevant to this topic – namely safety, openness, choice and innovation.

The safety of the food we produce at Kellogg is our number one motivator and has been for more than 100 years. Yes, we’re a for-profit company, but safety is never compromised. Every day, thousands of employees around the world are conducting various inspections and checks to ensure the safety of our food.

The FDA has determined that BHT is a safe preservative for use in foods, including dry breakfast cereals. We use small amounts, primarily in the cereal package liner, to help protect flavor and freshness, which we know is important to our consumers.

Openness and Transparency
At Kellogg, we’re committed to sharing what’s in our food. That’s why we launched Open For Breakfast, and why we're glad to get questions from you and anyone that is curious.

We know that some people prefer cereals without BHT. For those people, I would recommend any of our Kashi® cereals because they’re all BHT-free. Also, All-Bran Original®, Crispix®, Raisin Bran® Original, Special K® Original and Special K® Red Berries are BHT-free.

Again, because we know some people are looking for options without BHT, we've actively been testing a number of natural alternatives that will ensure the same flavor and freshness.