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Employee Interview - I'm open for listening to what you want (Lisa S., Nutritionist)


A registered dietitian with a PhD in nutrition, Lisa helps Kellogg on our quest to encourage families to develop healthy and active lifestyles. Her own passion for the job is influenced by her family, including her three-year-old son. Here, she discusses nutrition in the family.


What’s the biggest challenge parents face in providing good nutrition for their kids?

LISA: There’s a lot of choices out there. You walk into the supermarket and it’s overwhelming the number of choices that are available. It makes it difficult for parents to know what’s the right choice.

So what is Kellogg doing to help?

LISA: We’re listening to parents, working to give them more of what they want for their families and less of what they don’t. So in response to consumers, we’ve reduced sugar in our kids’ cereals over the past several years and, at the same time, we’ve added more of the nutrients we know kids need, like fiber and vitamin D.

Is cereal really a smart choice for kids?

LISA: I’m a mom myself, so each day I think about, “Is my child getting the nutrients he needs to help grow?” We always start our morning with a bowl of cereal – his favorite is Mini Wheats. I feel good because I know he’s getting whole grains, fiber, and a lot of the vitamins and minerals he needs. We also use cereal as a snack, so we take baggies of cereal with us.

What would you say to parents who think there’s too much sugar in cereals?

LISA: It’s difficult for me when I hear that because when you look at the diet as a whole, cereal actually contributes less than 4% of daily added sugar to the U.S. diet. And when you compare a cereal and milk breakfast to other breakfasts, you’re getting a lot of nutrition.

What can parents do to encourage a healthier lifestyle?

LISA: One of the things I think is most important is sharing family meals. Today, everybody’s busy and family meals have just fallen by the wayside. There’s research that shows children who eat with their families three or more times in a week are more likely to eat healthier foods and less likely to be overweight.

What’s next for Kellogg?

LISA: We’re continuing to improve the nutrition in our foods. And we are really listening to consumers. They’re looking for more positive nutrition and nutrition they can see in their food. So I think we’ll start to see more visible ingredients like fruits, nuts and seeds in our cereals.