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A lot of rice now has arsenic in it. How does that happen? Is it in your rice? Do you use organic rice or do you use pesticides?


We source our rice and rice-based ingredients only from suppliers that meet our high quality standards. Our number one priority is the quality and safety of our foods. We think it’s important for you to know that Arsenic is naturally occurring in our environment and can be found in soil, air, water and food.

We are working with the FDA and others in the food community to review the most recent report. In addition, we will continue to stay on top of the latest science regarding our food supply.

In our foods, only organic rice is used when this is specified on pack, otherwise it is not organic. Additionally, 'crop protectants,' such as pesticides, are used at levels within the USDA guidelines. Regarding our organic rice, herbicides containing the synthetic material glyphosate are prohibited – only those substances that have been qualified for use in organic farming are used, which are both sythentic and natural.

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