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Helping out when help is needed most


Kellogg reaches out to Moore tornado victims

In May of 2013, a brutal F5 tornado struck the Great Plains, crossing through a heavily populated area in Moore, Oklahoma. The devastation was widespread – and Kellogg was there. We dispatched four semi-trucks filled with cereal and snacks to help feed the Moore residents who were impacted by the tornado, as well as the many relief workers on site.

4 semi-trailers dispatched with cereal and snacks

"When disaster strikes, one of the first things a community needs is nutritious, ready-to-eat foods,” said Kris Charles, Kellogg Vice President, Global Communications and Philanthropy. “We are committed to help during these difficult times."

Pitching in to help during times of crisis has been a long-standing tradition for Kellogg – it’s why the Kellogg Company Fund created the Breakfasts for Better Days® mobile disaster relief center in 2013. With it, Kellogg is able to quickly deploy food, tents, tables and chairs, and other necessities to accommodate thousands of people every day, serving them an on-site breakfast in a safe and friendly environment.

660,000 cereal & snacks servings delivered to Moore, OK
Kellogg's Breakfasts for Better Days mobile disaster relief center
Breakfasts for Better Days relief worker delivering Kellogg's cereal and snacks. Family and debris in background.


The residents being served have the chance to sit down and eat a Kellogg’s breakfast, including fruit, milk, coffee and juice, or get it to take with them. An information hub is also made available so people can track information from FEMA and other relief organizations, as well as connect with their neighbors. Finally, a chase vehicle van is used to scout the surrounding area, securing more supplies and delivering breakfast and snacks to emergency shelters, relief workers and individuals who are unable to visit the mobile center in person.

When disaster strikes, a community needs nutritious, ready-to-eat foods - Kris Charles, Kellogg V.P. of Global Communication & Philanthropy
Breakfasts for Better Days relief worker delivering cereal and snacks amid tornado destruction.


To date, the mobile disaster relief center has assisted flood victims in Colorado, Midwesterners affected by tornados in November 2013, and those struck by tornados in Arkansas, Mississippi and Nebraska in 2014.

100 residents served at a time in the mobile relief center