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Kellogg is a company with a Heart and Soul, passionate about fighting hunger and feeding potential for people and communities.

That means ensuring that there is enough food for everyone, especially for children who might not always have access to a good breakfast. 

Breakfast is so important to success in the classroom. Without a healthy start to the day, kids simply don’t show up ready to learn.

Consider the following:

  • Eating breakfast allows children to get vitamins and minerals they may not get otherwise. When kids don’t have the food they need, they are more likely to struggle in school, miss class, and not feel well.
  • Breakfast helps students focus more on their lessons and less on their hunger.
  • According to No Kid Hungry - 3 out of 4 public school teachers say that students regularly come to school hungry.

22 million children in the United States rely on the free or reduced-price lunch they receive at school, and every one of them is eligible for free breakfast as well. But as many as 3 million children aren't getting the breakfast they need.

When you combine the knowledge we have about the importance of breakfast, and the unfortunate reality that free school breakfasts aren’t reaching as many children as they could, we definitely have work to do.

That’s why, in celebration of National School Breakfast Week, Frosted Mini-Wheats® is teaming up with No Kid Hungry on its Powered By Breakfast™ campaign to celebrate and raise awareness about the importance of school breakfast for kids. To help the cause, Kellogg has committed $1 million to support No Kid Hungry in 2019.

Kellogg has been a long-time supporter of No Kid Hungry. Together, we have provided up to 30 million meals and helped more than 390,000 children start their days with a nutritious breakfast.  Through this grant, we will expand our partnership to help even more kids reach their full potential.

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At Kellogg, we’re driving growth through purpose, helping to end hunger and create 3 billion Better Days by the end of 2025. We’re doing so by addressing the interconnected issues of food security, climate resiliency and wellbeing for people, communities and the planet.

This important work is integral to our Deploy for Growth Business strategy and comes to life through our global signature cause platform, Breakfasts for Better Days™, by: donating food to people in need, reaching children with nutrition education and feeding programs, supporting the farmers who grow the ingredients to make our food and engaging people in our journey to address food security in their communities

Through Breakfasts for Better Days, Kellogg has donated more than 2 billion servings of food to people in need since 2013. And in the last two years alone, we reached 1 million children through breakfast and nutrition education programs.