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At Kellogg, we are a company with a heart and soul.

We not only strive to offer food people love to eat, but also foods that are made the right way with a focus on transparency and sustainability. We work toward this goal in four ways:

1.      Nourishing People with Our Food

We’re giving people more of what they want and less of what they don’t want in the foods they eat.  That includes working to remove artificial colors and flavors from Kellogg’s branded cereals, many Kellogg’s branded snack bars and our entire Eggo lineup.

2.      Feeding Those in Need

By 2025, we will donate 2.5 billion servings of our food and expand school breakfast programs to reach 2 million children.

3.      Nurturing the Planet

We’re helping farmers around the world produce more food while protecting the environment and improving their quality of life.  We also have committed to using less energy and to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

4.      Living Our Founder’s Values

W.K. Kellogg donated much of his wealth to the Kellogg Foundation, one of the world’s largest charitable organizations, and toward encouraging conservation and agricultural innovation.

Learn more about our heart and soul in our annual Corporate Responsibility Report.