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In a world where we produce enough food for everyone, how can more than 820 million people, or one in nine, struggle with hunger?


The answer, according to Lisa Moon, The Global FoodBanking Network President and Chief Executive Officer, lies in our ability to get the right foods in the hands of the people who need it most.  “We don’t always receive enough of the critical food items people need to put well-balanced meals on the table for themselves and their families,” said Moon. “Items containing proteins, grains and fruits and vegetables are often not among what is donated. We all can and must do better.”


Kellogg Company has announced two innovative new partnerships making it easier for people to fight hunger by donating the foods hungry families request most from food banks globally. These programs make it easy for people to help address the important challenges food banks face − getting food to people in need and making sure food pantries receive the right foods to make the greatest impact.


Give the Food That Food Banks Need Most

On World Food Day, October 16, Kellogg is kicking off a global food drive based on findings from a Global FoodBanking Network survey of hundreds of food banks in 26 countries that identified - by region and country − the foods hungry families need most.  While food bankc appreciate every donation, donating the right food helps them meet the nutrition needs of the community.


From Amazon to a Food Bank Near You

Also beginning on October 16 and running through Giving Tuesday, November 27, Kellogg is conducting a digital food drive in partnership with  Through a specially designed Kellogg web page, people can easily “click, ship and donate” the most-needed, non-perishable grocery items to a nearby U.S. Feeding America food bank.  You pick the items from a wish list compiled by a nearby food bank, add them to your cart and check out.  The items will be shipped directly to the food bank.





To support this effort, Kellogg has set a goal to donate 1.5 million servings of food to food banks through employee-led meal packing events and food drives across the globe.


During World Food Day 2017, Kellogg donated more than 1.1 million servings of food, and 539 employees volunteered 1,388 hours at events supporting 38 food banks in 22 countries. Overall in 2017, Kellogg donated 570 million servings of food and created more than 637 million Better Days around the globe.