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Kellogg is proud to partner with Feeding America to help fight hunger under any circumstance, including providing food to people impacted by natural disasters.  The following article from Feeding America tells the story of their efforts to support communities recently hit by severe weather or other emergencies.


How We Respond to Disasters

When disaster strikes, Feeding America is on the ground and ready to provide food assistance and emergency supplies. Our extensive network of food banks reaches every county in every corner of our nation- making us uniquely prepared to respond in the event of a disaster.


The Feeding America network positions emergency food supplies throughout the country to distribute quickly in the event of disaster. We also establish and strengthen partnerships that provide access to equipment and supplies when needed. Through our day-to-day hunger-relief operations, we help low-income and at-risk populations who are disproportionately impacted by natural disasters.


During a disaster, Feeding America leverages our nationwide network—including 10 million square feet of warehouse space and 2,400 trucks that are used every day to bring food to people in need. These logistical solutions are repurposed for disaster relief when needed and are vital to delivering food, water and supplies.


Feeding America remains rooted in communities long after other disaster organizations have moved on. Our member food banks are major contributors to long-term disaster recovery efforts.

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