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HEART & SOUL: Kellogg Creates 1.2 Billion Better Days

From our earliest days, Kellogg has been a company with a heart and soul, a purpose-driven organization. That’s why we committed to create 3 billion Better Days for people, communities and the planet by the end of 2025.       

To do so, across our company and around the world, we’re helping to end hunger by addressing the interconnected issues of food security and climate resiliency. And we’re far ahead of schedule in achieving these commitments. Through our Breakfasts for Better Days™ global signature cause platform, we’ve reached more people with greater impact than we ever envisioned at this point in time. Our efforts are making a difference.

Since launching our commitments in 2016, Kellogg has delivered more than 1.2 billion Better Days, or 40 percent of our 2025 goal.

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