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6 Ways You Can Help Fight Hunger

Volunteer your time

Organizations are always on the lookout for people to roll up their sleeves and help out. Consider volunteering with a local Feeding America food bank or No Kid Hungry to help fight hunger in your own backyard.



Donate Money

If spare time is hard to find, non-profit organizations are also in need of monetary donations. Consider making one to Feeding America, Action for Healthy Kids, No Kid Hungry or the Food Research and Action Center.



Create a Food Drive

You can organize a food drive to help stock your local food pantry. Non-perishable items, especially soup, canned vegetables and cereal, are always needed. Or, launch your own virtual food drive to raise awareness and money to support Feeding America food banks across the U.S.



Talk to local schools

Contact your school’s administrators (or nutritionist if there is one) and see what breakfast programs are already in place. You can also refer them to the Food Research and Action Center or Action for Healthy Kids for more information and resources on school breakfast programs. Beginning a conversation is the first step in seeing results.



Research the topic

Learn more about childhood hunger in the U.S. and how breakfast programs are changing to help. The more informed you are, the more you’ll be able to help. Here are a few useful sites:

School Breakfast Information

Childhood Hunger



Spread the word

Remember what we said about strength in numbers? Get the word out, and talk to friends and family about helping out. The first step is easy – just share this to Facebook or Twitter.


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