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The new faces of American farming

This June, United Way and Kellogg brands are partnering to help communities combat food deserts through our United Against Food Deserts program.

We’re increasing access to sustainable supplies of fresh produce through supporting community food gardens in nine cities across the U.S.  We will be planting, tending, weeding, mulching, and building together.


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Do these times and locations not work for you, but you still want to volunteer at an urban garden?

Please email:


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An urban “food desert” is a low-income area more than a mile from a grocery store.  Urban food deserts represent 82% of all food deserts.

Approximately 12 million people who live in U.S. food deserts have at least some difficulty accessing healthy food, including fresh vegetables and fruits.

Pull Quote - Millennials tend to want things to happen right away. That's not possible in farming where the weather controls everything you do. Justin K., Wheat Farmer

United Against Food Deserts