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Kellogg is proud to partner with Feeding America to help fight hunger under any circumstance, including providing food to people impacted by natural disasters.  The following article from Feeding America tells the story of their efforts to support communities recently hit by severe weather.

Supporting Communities Following Deadly Storms

Americans are seeing extreme weather tear through their communities more often, leaving a wake of destruction and the urgent need to rebuild. We’ve already seen it this year, as strong winds, hail and tornadoes pummeled communities from Texas to South Carolina in early January. Another bout of violent weather also hit the South later in the month, with at least 75 tornadoes tearing across eight southern states over the course of three days.  In April, more severe weather struck, this time in Missouri.

When disaster strikes, Kellogg works with Feeding America and local foodbanks to help get food to those affected. This year, we’ve already donated more than 2 million servings of food as part of our disaster relief efforts.

These devastating weather events pose serious challenges as we try to help our neighbors, whose lives have been turned upside down. That’s where we step in: Feeding America food banks are uniquely equipped to help people get back on their feet following natural disasters.

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