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Q. What is Kellogg doing to help families impacted by the Carlifornia wildfires?

Kellogg Company is providing five truckloads of food to support families forced to evacuate their homes due to wildfires in California. In partnership with Feeding America, 9.7 million servings of snacks, cereals and bars will be distributed to local food banks in the northern and southern portions of the state where the wildfires continue to rage.

“Our hearts go out to the people who have lost loved ones, lost their homes or have been displaced due to the devastating destruction caused by the wildfires,” said Kris Charles Bahner, Senior Vice President, Global Corporate Affairs. “We are hoping that we can help provide some relief to the people and communities who have been impacted.”

Hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes due to the Woosley Fire in Southern California and the Camp Fire in Northern CA, the latter of which is now cited as the deadliest in the state’s history. Food banks are asking for donations of high-quality, shelf-stable and nutritious food that can be eaten by people on the move. Feeding America maintains a list of local food banks for anyone interested in making a donation. In August of this year, Kellogg donated food to help the families who were displaced due to the wildfires in Northern California.


Q. What is Kellogg doing to support families impacted by Hurricane Michael?

A. When disaster strikes, one of the first things a community needs is portable, nutritious, ready-to-eat foods. Kellogg Company is committed to feeding people in need as part of our Breakfasts for Better Days™ global purpose platform. In response to Hurricane Michael, Kellogg is partnering with Feeding America to support families. The company is donating five semi-trailers of cereal, bars and crackers to help people in Florida and Georgia. More than 4 million servings of Kellogg foods are being provided to area food banks in partnership with our company’s charity partner, Feeding America.

To make a personal donation and help a food bank secure much-needed items visit